Luiza and her clients believe that art personalises and humanises the places where we live and work. Her photographs revive lifeless interiors- homes as well as businesses- and transforms them into beautiful and engaging environments. Clients buy Luiza’s artwork because they feel a connection to the story that each photograph conveys.

Luiza MichalewiczLuiza MichalewiczLUIZA

I was born in Warsaw, Poland where I spent most of my life. There I was preoccupied with training acrobatics until I met my future husband. As a young bride I moved twice around the world, ending up in sunny and breathtaking Australia. I was lucky enough to discover my passion and love for photography, and quickly became hungry to learn more. To develop a solid foundation of knowledge and photographic techniques I enrolled in a school for professional photographers.  My enthusiasm and education was the right combination to be able to create amazing art. Everyday I wonder what any given moment will bring and what is awaiting me. And for the future, I envision myself  growing and developing into the best photographer I can possibly be.