Luiza’s creative inspiration comes from a natural curiosity of people and the world at large, where she tries to capture moments that are as easy for the heart to enjoy as they are hard for the mind to forget. Luiza’s style is spontaneous and often rough and textured, reflecting the true character of the people she meets and locations she visits.
“My camera is like a painter’s paintbrush, letting me paint the world as I see it. My camera is like a sailor’s ship, taking me far and wide to enchanted places. My camera is like a Geisha’s kimono, allowing me to be an artist.” 

Luiza MichalewiczLuiza MichalewiczLUIZA

I was born in Warsaw, Poland where I spent most of my life. There I was preoccupied with training acrobatics until I met my future husband. As a young bride I moved twice around the world, ending up in sunny and breathtaking Australia. I was lucky enough to discover my passion and love for photography, and quickly became hungry to learn more. To develop a solid foundation of knowledge and photographic techniques I enrolled in a school for professional photographers.  My enthusiasm and education was the right combination to be able to create amazing art. Everyday I wonder what any given moment will bring and what is awaiting me.