Women of Art Part I: Ballet Dancers

Ever since I was a young girl I was fascinated with the magical world of ballet: the unmatched beauty of the dancers, their exquisite costumes, uncompromised elegance and grace, the mesmerising and enchanting music, dazzling lights, and stunning theatrical backdrops. The entire aura was like a secret garden or intriguing universe.
These are real ballerinas in a real world, taking a centre stage in the middle of Havana – a city in ruins – all of them filled with enthusiasm and charisma, proudly performing in front of my camera. Their simple costumes, torn stockings, and worn-out shoes made them seem more beautiful and sophisticated. Their jumps seemed higher, stretches longer, determination stronger. In spite challenging life circumstances, these young women exceeded my every expectation. They were delicate, feminine, soft, while at the same time holding an air of hardness, resilience and power.